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Latest Episode

Enjoy this positive affirmation ASMR meditation set to stunning music while you sit in stillness or enjoy any safe movement-based activity (like walking, exercising, yoga, etc) you like!

   The Show

Incandescent is an Unconventional Meditation Podcast where you receive a positive affirmation meditation with ASMR vocals and relaxing music every week designed to serve as an espresso shot for your soul. The goal is that by listening, you feel that you are incandescent: filled with passion and radiating light from the inside out!

Unlike traditional meditations, these can be listened to while practicing yoga, going for a walk or working. Enjoy these either while sitting in stillness or moving about your day during safe activities (no heavy machinery operation folks!).

All music and affirmations are created by bestselling author, Marisa Imôn.

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Meet the Creator

Marisa Imôn started daily meditation six years while heavily medicated for ADD, bipolar 1, and insomnia. She had a hard time sitting still when she first started so she'd listen to guided meditations while going for a walk. This eventually segued into longer sits in stillness and served as the inspiration for Incandescent - the first meditation series designed to be enjoyed while multi-tasking activities like yoga, walking, washing dishes, getting ready in the morning, and exercising.



Composer, Producer, Narrator, Editor

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